Friday, November 17, 2006

what hurts the most...

...I would've moved the whole world for you... but you wouldn't move an inch. Not one inch.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

taking chances

In this existence of uncertainties, chaos and confusion shadows a daily presence. Whatever is unkown, each of us has the power to prepare. Whoever we are when we were born, God gave us the ability to learn. Wherever we may be, there will always be an opportunity. Fate isn't predestined when we came into this world. And as we face different situations everyday, we each have a choice what to make of the outcome. Life is a series of choices, we become who we want to be. These choices are the reason we are who we are now.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The One with the Wowowee Tragedy

Earlier today, more than 70 people died (numbers still shooting up as of this writing) when a stampede broke out in ULTRA, venue of Wowowee's first year anniversary. Very sad, considering that most of these people went to the venue perhaps out of poverty, to try their luck in being handpicked and be among the contestants for the show.

My initial opinion of the show was that it was cheap gimmick, nothing more than a vehicle for host Willie Revillame to return to national television. Having been suspended by ABS-CBS management numerous times already, one would think that his career's more or less over and done with. I was really dumbfounded when they give him yet another show to display his crassness and vulgarity in front of millions of viewers. I thought to myself, Willie must really be buddy-buddies with the network's top brass or he's being groomed as the next Noli de Castro to get this many chances at hosting a show of his own. Either way, I thought the whole Wowowee show was a bad idea altogether.

Several weeks ago, I chanced upon an episode of Wowowee. In that particular episode, all the contestants were labanderas, people who wash clothes for a living. I've seen bits and pieces of the show before, and was instantly turned off by the questions that they throw at their contestants. Most of the questions are mind-numbingly stupid; at least in rival show Eat Bulaga, some questions will really make you think. What caught my eye in this particular episode was a labandera contestant from the US. She was gorgeous, unlike any other labandera I've ever seen in my 20 plus years of existence. If only she was the one washing my clothes... ugh, nevermind. :p

Anyway, the gorgeous labandera was pretty stupid, getting eliminated after the opposing labandera beat her to answering a question. The next elderly contestant was undoubtedly a labandera. She looked every bit of the part: messy hair, shabby clothes, toothless gums, worn-out tsinelas. Before Wllie got off with his question, Misis Labandera (as I will refer to her from hereon) got off into a narrative about how excited she was to join the show. She said that she was poor, that she just took a break from her labada to come to the studio and bring lunch to her husband who was lining up for Pera O Bayong (another game show, I think). She greeted her husband who was in the audience, and pleaded with the opposing labandera to give her balato, so she and her husband will have enough money to commute back home. It definitely was an amusing scene; only in the Philippines will you see someone in a quiz show asking for money from her opponent. So much for self-confidence. :p

The opposing labandera asked Misis Labandera how much she will need to commute; the latter asked for 50 bucks. Willie took out 500 from his pocket, and handed it to Misis Labandera along with a peck in the cheek. Misis Labandera burst into tears right there and then. What transpired next was the most heart-warming thing I've seen on local television in years. People from the audience started going up to Misis Labandera to hand her wads of money, hugs and kisses. Even those who looked like her (some looking even more tattered) gave her whatever spare change they had in their pockets. This went on for a good 10 minutes. People in the audience were teary-eyed, as was Willie himself and the other co-hosts and crew members. After the last embrace, Misis Labandera had pockets-full of money, wailing as she called to her husband, "Makakakain na tayo, tatay, makakakain tayo ng maayos na hapunan ng mga anak mo!" She then thanked the Lord, Willie and the show, the audience members, and the opposing labandera. She conceded the contest to the opposing labandera, saying that she already got more than what she bargained for. Indeed, bayanihan is still alive even during these times of poverty and destitution.

It was then that my opinion of these quiz shows changed. How could I have so much contempt and disdain for something that gives hope to those who need them most? If it could make a difference and change the life of just one soul... then it is a good and worthy cause. Reading some posts over at PinoyExchange, some fickle-minded folks are using the events of today in their silly network wars. Tsk, tsk. I hope the tragic events that transpired this morning at ULTRA will not deter Wowowee from continuing to be of service to the Filipino. We need more television shows like these; cancelling the show will be the bigger tragedy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The One with the Woohoos

The rain has stopped, the storm has passed
Look at all the colors now the sun's here at last.
I supposed that you'll be leaving but I want you to know
Part of you stays with me even after you go.

* * * * *

Stupid Woohoo #1: ACET results are in, and my sister got accepted in Ateneo. Med course pa! Galing-galing! Makes her only the second Atenista in the whole Enriquez clan (guess who was the first one? haha). 'fcourse it still isn't sure if she'll study there (UPCAT results will come out mid-February), but it's still reason enough for celebration! Woohooo!

* * * * *

Stupid Woohoo #2: Jack Bauer is back! After months of hiatus, 24 is back on the tube, with an interesting storyline for its fifth season, and new cast members that include Sean Astin (played Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings films). 18 months after the staged death of Jack, a breach in national security forces Jack out of hiding to protect his loved ones both past and present. I love Lost, CSI , Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy, but television drama couldn't get any better than 24. I've already downloaded the first four eps, but have yet to watch it. Siempre kelangan special viewing sa weekend para asteeeg. Just hearing Kiefer Sutherland's hoarse vocals to usher each episode gives me the chills. "The following takes place between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM..." :P

* * * * *

Stupid Woohoo #3: Fox brings out the punches this January by premeiering their other ratings heavyweight: American Idol. Wala lang, guilty pleasure. I especially like the first few audition episodes where they show the wannabees who can't sing a note even if their life depended on it. Most of them sing awfully on purpose just so they could have their 30 seconds of fame on national television. Couldn't blame them; if someone like William Hung can get a contract with his gawd-awful antics, so can anyone with lungs. Cam-whores galore!

* * * * *

Stupid Woohoo #4: 63rd Golden Globe awards passed by without any real surprises. Almost all the winners were more or less expected: Felicity Huffman, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain, Lost, Desperate Housewives... yawn. What made the show interesting were the hilarious acceptance speeches of the winners. Steve Carrell was most entertaining with his "My wife made this list" piece; ditto for Hugh Laurie's lottery speech, Geena Davis' anecdote about a young-girl-who-wasn't-real and George Clooney's Jack Abramoff joke ("Who would name their kid Jack with the last words ‘off’ at the end of your last name? No wonder that guy is screwed up.") L-O-L. Nasamid talaga ako while watching him during breakfast. (FYI, Abramoff is a Republican lobbyist who's involved in several high-profile political scandals).

On another note, I'm ecstatic that Sandra Oh won for Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie for Grey's Anatomy. She never fails to amuse me on that show. Another woohoo goes to Hugh Laurie's win as Drama Actor for House. They got it all right this year. :p

Best bit of the night is saved for last: them ladies were soooooooo darned fine! Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow (hem, hem)... they all looked gorgeous. But the award for most stunnning goes to...

Kate Beckinsale! Marrrrryyyy meeeee!!! :P

* * * * *

Stupid Woohoo #5: The Australian Open is underway down under, and I'm watching tennis again. One reason: the Swiss Miss is baaaack! Coming out of semi-retirement, Martina Hingis won her opening round match against a 30th seed Russian (any Russian who's not named Sharapova shall remain anonymous in my book). I don't expect a major coup for Martina on her first Grand Slam tournament in three years; just seeing her play tennis again is enough to keep me glued to the tube. :p

In other sporting news, we're down to 4 teams as SuperBowl XL nears. It's the Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC championship, while the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers will vie for the NFC championship. No Patriots and Colts this year, folks. I can tell that it's gonna be one helluva game; we can only wish that the NFL won't screw this one up like it has done all year. :p

* * * * *

Lotsa things to be happy about these days. I know they're petty and stupid things to be happy about... but hey, whatever sails my boat. Being miserable is a state of mind and staying miserable is a choice, and I just simply refuse to wallow in the past. There are more serious problems in this world than dealing with my nonsense. As Humphrey Bogart's Rick Blaine in Casablanca aptly puts it, "I'm no good at being noble, but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world."

La vita è bella; life is beautiful, dontchatink? :D